A major growth region of Sydney

With a projected population of 3 million by 2036, of which the majority is working-age, Western Sydney is considered by the NSW government to be a key growth area in the state.

The region extends from Canterbury-Bankstown in the East to the Blue Mountains in the West, and from the Hawksbury in the North to Wollondilly in the South, consisting of 13 local government areas. Western Sydney reportedly has the 3rd largest economy in all of Australia, as the area alone comprises 8% of the country’s GDP.

Now with more sustainable infrastructure in the near future

In November 2018, Kypreos Group opened our new $20 million facility of State Asphalts NSW in St Marys, Western Sydney. This new plant officially introduced 50 permanent new jobs for the suburb’s residents and is capable of producing 300 tonnes of asphalt every hour. It has put our company’s name on the map of larger government plans – the Western Sydney Aerotropolis (formerly Western Sydney Airport Growth Area) and the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan.

Expected to finish in 2025-2026, the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan has $2.9 billion invested by the Australian Government. The focus is on road and rail linking the future Western Sydney Airport with key surrounding residential and commercial areas.

Some major projects include construction of the new east-west M12 Motorway to the airport, upgrade of The Northern Road and Bringelly Road to a minimum of four lanes, and a $200 million package for local roads upgrades over ten years. This creation of new infrastructure is one of Greater Western Sydney’s growth plans with $35 billion of projects down the pipeline.

Not only must the new infrastructure be innovative; it must also be beneficial to residents and must not harm our ecosystem. The technologies employed by Kypreos Group – such as warm mix asphalt (WMA) and reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) – aim for environmental sustainability, and are used with people’s well-being in mind.

And growing job opportunities to boost the economy

One of the biggest challenges facing Western Sydney in the past was jobs deficit, with a talent pool outsizing the number of vacancies. As of 2015, roughly 300,000 Western Sydney residents travelled outside the region every day for work.

But with the Western Sydney City Deal – a partnership between three layers of government: Federal, State and the local governments in the region – 200,000 new jobs are to be created across a vast range of industries in the next two decades.

The plan is to transform Western Sydney into the single largest new employment space in NSW, creating job opportunities for local residents to work closer to their dwellings. According to the Western Sydney Employment Area plan in 2014, the state government aims for more than half of new jobs in Sydney to be created in this region, by 2031.

Proud to be a part of the force making these changes happen, we want local companies to be part of all innovations, and focus on working with local business to provide jobs and to boost the region and the state’s economy.

Our place in the plan

We believe quality asphalt production and services are crucial to any infrastructural innovations. The ultimate, long-term goal must be improving the quality of life for the people living and working in Western Sydney, making the region attractive to skilled workers and investors, and liveable and sustainable for its communities.

Kypreos Group is committed to involve communities throughout our projects. Workers’ and the public’s wellbeing and safety are at the core of our values. For more details about our services and contributions to NSW and Australia’s growth.

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