State Asphalt Services recently completed a roads and laneways update at iconic Sydney location, Bart’s Farm on behalf of Racing NSW. See our team in action.

On the north-western outskirts of Sydney, the 137-acre Princes Farm was designed by legendary horse trainer Bart Cummings. Located near Windsor/Richmond, this generous property has been owned by the Cummings family for three generations.

Serene and spacious, the farmland features undulating horse paddocks, a 1000 metre sand track, several stables, many kilometres of fencing and a number of residences. An iconic destination for the equestrian community, the acreage was purchased by Racing NSW in 2018 to allow it to remain an asset to the horse racing industry.

Renamed Bart’s Farm, the property has been earmarked for a racing academy and educational facility, and is a showpiece for Racing NSW’s Horse Rehabilitation Program. There are future plans to open the grounds to the public by establishing a racing museum as well as a home for retired ‘champions of the turf’.

As with any large property, maintaining access to the various stables and buildings between the perimeters of Bart’s Farm is a challenge. To ensure the onsite team can optimise operations, Racing NSW called on State Asphalt Services to provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly project outcome.


Paving the way at Bart’s Farm

State Asphalt Services was contracted to replace and refurbish road and laneways across Bart’s Farm in early 2021.

Working closely with Racing NSW, we refurbished a total of 2.3 kilometres of roads and laneways. Our proposal included the refurbishment of road edges by adding a topsoiled verge for one metre on either side.

Our professional team brought a range of machinery and asphalt to complete this job, navigating narrow spaces and working on much softer turf than we deal with on urban infrastructure projects.

This was an exciting project for State Asphalt Services workers, who are more used to large construction sites and major motorway upgrades. Working amongst horses, goats and fruit trees, they thoroughly enjoyed the change of scenery and the serenity at Bart’s Farm.

Several curious thoroughbreds watched our progress as State Asphalt Services carefully guided trucks, rollers and other heavy machinery to pave a main ‘arterial road’ and make cross-property access much easier.

Throughout our works, we ensured the horses and other livestock were not impacted in a negative way. Using our own sustainably produced asphalt means we were also able to minimise environmental impact.

Galloping into the future

Bart Cummings described his farm as “horse heaven”. As explained by Racing NSW at the time of purchase, Bart’s Farm “is a very valuable asset for now and into the future for the NSW Thoroughbred Racing Industry.” This special location will play a role for many years to come in homing retired racehorses as well as serving other purposes for the racehorse community.

State Asphalt Services was proud to be involved with this project and looks forward to staying up to date with Bart’s Farm’s retirement programs for racehorses in NSW.

About State Asphalt Services

Providing high quality pavement services, State Asphalt Services Pty Ltd is the highly specialised asphalt and spray seal contracting division of the Kypreos Group of Companies.

Possessing an industry-leading level of technical and operational expertise, which is combined with a flexible and customer-focused approach, the team at State Asphalt Services is able to ensure and provide high-quality asphalt works. State Asphalt Services has the highest level of Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) prequalification and is able to provide contracting services for a variety of locations, including motorways, airports, major arterial roads and tunnels.

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